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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

And Now, For Something Completely Different ...

The naturopathic physician has asked me to refrain from eating dairy for at least two weeks, to see if that is causing any problems in my system.*

Today I did not drink much tea, because I am accustomed to drinking it with milk, but a little while ago I bought almond milk at the health food store, and used it in my tea instead of cow milk. Interesting delicious flavor. English Breakfast tea, almond milk and Stevia Plus sweetener. Surprisingly good!

I can only hope this helps me and I start to feel energetic and that my plantar fasciae will be less inflamed.

*Yes, I tried to explain that I am from Wisconsin and that means consumption of dairy foods is compulsory for me, but she would have none of it!


robyn said...

whoa, I'm hoo.
no nuts for this girl.
god that sounds refreshing.

hba said...

I use milk with the lactose removed - it's perfect and no horrible soya milk taste :)

hba said...

tastes just like semi-skimmed (normal milk with some fat/cream removed)

Enjah said...

If I were lactose intolerant, that would be good. As it is, the naturopath has taken me off ALL dairy, not just lactose. NO butter, cream, milk, cheese, casein or whey.