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Friday, November 28, 2008

Aggression Thy Name is Woman?

You can see part of Osprey's post behind my finners, which I held up as I read that MEN, but not WOMEN, have the index finger shorter than the ring finger, and that this short index indicates high testosterone levels and aggressive tendencies *begins to show fangs*. Perhaps that is why I tend to kill at Combat Cards? You can read the post here, but beware of looking at your hands lest you find out you are gender corn fused in the fingers department!


Osprey said...

I don't have equal-length index/ring fingers and I googled to see if I could find any. I did find a one or two women's hands in a position that illustrated finger length but the fingers were of unequal length similar to ours.

Hardly a scientific study, but anyway. And how are they measuring? bones, or perceived length?

Osprey said...

And not "high testosterone levels" but "...the amount of testosterone an individual was exposed to in the womb."

They say it doesn't apply to women: "...this indication of physical aggression is only applicable to men and not women, as these two fingers are usually of equal length in women."

Note that they say usually. It doesn't say "if a woman's fingers aren't equal then ZOMG she is teh debbil." Although we are.

Enjah said...

*gets so anxious about having long ring fingers that she bites off the excess on each one*

It does not matter what the FACTS ARE, SILLY! It is the fingers that matter!