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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Steve's Two Year Death Anniversary

Somehow in all the computer insanity of hard drive losses, I have lost all the digitized photos I had of Steve :((. I can picture him, and I miss him.

Last night, all my descendants and I met at a burger joint and celebrated Patrick's 42nd birthday, and toasted Steve. Kirk now has a tattoo over his heart, saying (so far) Stephen. I guess he will have the dates of Steve's life put on there as well.

Valari says she wants Steve's old pickup truck to drive when she gets her license. Patrick is storing it in the meantime. It is a black 1999 Ford F150 with a bullldog from a Mac truck on the hood. Not the usual teenage girl ride.


Osprey said...

Are the photos still out there on someone else's puter or disk? I hope so. This time from the end of film cameras for family snaps is going to be the lost era.

hba said...

If you know anyone in law enforcement, they may have a fancy hard dick scanner - my mate did that for my dad and found everything that no one else could - all the pics of his grandkids and work documents.

On a different tack, big hug for you mate xxx

hba said...

hard disk, I meant.

/me wanders away with a red face and tries to look unflustered...