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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Foil Is Not Totally Evil!

I try not to use a lot of aluminum foil, because it is hard to manufacture and to reuse, but sometimes ... I had a request for REAL brownies (no mix, all the chocolate, sugar, flour and butter you need for a year, you know, like Mother Used to Make).

But I digress ... the point is, look at my brownie pan on the left! I followed the directions and lined the pan with foil, and *guilty giggle* no cleanup (well, other than the bowls, beaters, spoons, counter, and putting away the ingredients)!


Ida said...

I wish I had done the same thing with this stupid bunt cake today. I wouldn't have to make another one.

hba said...

I wish I hadn't tried it with clingfilm - it tasted very funny and I can see lots of my own hands moving in slow motion now...