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Monday, October 06, 2008


Over and over, in my life, the way I perceive someone has changed drastically and suddenly with an internally audible "click". Frequently, when I was dating, I decided to break it off with someone based upon a sudden change in my perception of them. I tend to think the best of people, but when they repeatedly do things that I find unpleasant, eventually I have the "click" experience, and it is all over.

It happened again today at yoga class. I am in the habit of talking with the others and sometimes helping them get things out or whatever.

One of the students spoke to me letting me know she does not like my ways. A few weeks ago, I said something like "I think we are supposed to be doing ..." whatever it was at the time. This student said, jokingly I thought at the time, "smarty-pants". I laughed it off.

Today I went to put my blankets on the stack, and this same student happened to put her blanket there just before I did. Under her blanket was a big misshapen lump, and I started to straighten it out. She said, "Take charge, Ellen". CLICK. I will be subtly avoiding her from now on. I will refrain from speaking to her about the class. She clearly feels I am interfering, and I will be on opposite sides of the room from her whenever possible.


hba said...

Ooooo, I hate these people. Unfortunately for me I have one in my life I simply can't shake off. Well, not without more hassle being casued than it is worth.

They are always driven by insecurities. Pull you down to pump themselves up. Very sad, really. Only thing to do is avoid them like them like the pox.

Enjah said...

looking back I remember she made quite a few comments, but I did not add them up till this one. I would confront her but I KNOW she would claim she was just joking, and this way I just have peace.

Osprey said...

Truthfully, unless we have NO personal traits at all - no talents or proclivities or strengths - we are going to wind up rubbing some people the wrong way. Anyway, jF you are in charge of an Egyptian army - yer spozed to bat yer eyes and act helpless so she doesn't feel threatened? wsfoupad

hba said...

Get a cricket bat and twonk her one. She'll soon get the message. Or pass out. Either's good.