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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Awww Bombo Is Happy!

In Age 3 of Human Age, one sometimes acquires a pet crocodile, even though it is a beast one hunts, as well. This is Bombo, my pet croc. The text says:

"Bombo, the crocodile, is very happy -- it's looking at you with love in its eyes!"


Osprey said...

Does Bombo do anything? Nicolai (Ivka's wolf) is somewhat useful, but my snake Massasaugua, was not useful at all (well, you could sell venom, but I didn't).

Enjah said...

Unlike a spouse ;> a crocodile does not do much but require food, water, petting and walks. Maybe he can go on a big hunt, but so far I have not experienced a big hunt in Age 3.

hba said...

It's not love... RUN!

p.s. Could the ssssnake not be a druaght excluder?

Osprey said...

Massasaugua did nothing, and was merely an RSI irritant. I'm a snake in the Chinese horoscope, though.

Osprey said...