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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Be Careful What You WIsh For!

This maple was always weak, it seemed to me, shedding branches regularly. Finally I asked a tree surgeon and he said that it was the squirrels eating the bark that weakened the limbs. I thought of having it cut down, but since it was large, it would have been expensive. Well, now we are going to have to cut it down thanks to our pal Ike.

The crape myrtle to the right has a lot of damage as well, but it will recover I am sure. Directly behind the maple is a crape myrtle we cut down last year. We even had the stump ground so it would not come back, but ... well they are feisty little characters!

1 comment:

Ida said...

Grandmother had a giant pink crepe myrtle that was cut down. Now we have two dozen where the roots are.