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Saturday, August 16, 2008

State (and Province) Rivalries

photo: Wisconsin Dells

Finally! HWMNBMIMB* stated it perfectly. We were discussing his Alma Mater, I saying he was obsessed with it ... he saying yes, it is like Texans feel about Texas. I: Wisconsinites do not feel that way about Wisconsin, as if it were the best and only good state. Wisconsinites tend to be obsessed with their nearest neighbor, Illinois. Some use epithets to describe natives of that state! He said, yes, they (the outsiders) come in and take the place over, then put it down.

If one visits the Wisconsin Dells, or Door County Peninsula, one will see hordes of Chicagoans who do exactly that: simultaneously mob the place and put it down, making fun of the natives as being ignorant fools, because most people in Wisconsin are not as obsessed with making a killing financially than are their Chicago neighbors. Life moves more slowly and is more relaxed.

The same thing tends to happen with Northeasterners (USA) who mob Williamsburg, Virginia, and scream that the bagels are not to their liking, and where is their New York Times! ... And Ontarians flood into Buffalo to shop where the prices are better, and to get elective medical care quickly, then look down their noses at the United States.

I think this is more a phenomenon of big-city dwellers going to vacation areas that are less densely populated than it is state/state/province rivalry, but it is ugly no matter what the reason for it.

*He Who Must Not Be Mentioned In My Blog (thanks to Osprey for the term!)

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Osprey said...

In my collection of weird old souvenirs I have something from the WI dells.