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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Second Life in Parabola Magazine

Parabola Magazine (Tradition, Myth, and the Search for Meaning) had this as its final page this quarter (theme: Man & Machine). The text is hard to read, so here it is repeated:

This snapshot by Rita J. King was taken in the popular virtual world Second Life. The photo depicts King's Second Life avatar, Eureka Dejavu, who has just returned to her office after preparing for a virtual Hajj to Mecca as part of the "Understanding Islam through Virtual Worlds" project. To learn more, visit dispatches from the Imagination Age at

Launched on June 23, 2003, Second Life is an on-line user-defined virtual world where "Residents" interact with one another via "avatars"; build domestic, recreational, and commercial environments; and participate in and maintain an actual money-based economy (currency: Linden Dollars). At the end of March 2008, thirteen million accounts were registered and an average of 38,000 Reisdents could be found in-world at any given moment. To learn more, go to

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