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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Italian Ironwork Dream

This finial by Nigel Tyas of England is the closest image I could find to match the dream:

I am in Italy, in a small town with winding streets. I am here to purchase some wrought iron decorative pieces from an artisan. I find him and buy what I need. I am speaking to him when I realize he has a translucent fabric patch over his eye area (both eyes). When he looks away from me, I cannot see through it. When he looks directly into my eyes, I see them quite clearly. He explains that he had an accident many years ago and this became necessary. It is permanently attached to his face. His wrought iron work is exquisite. I buy one serpent shaped piece that is quite lovely, for the next serpent festival (leave Freud out of this!).* **

*Addendum: His kitchen is beautiful: white wood bowfront, small-pane glassed in cupboards above, in two bow shapes, over a double-bow shaped white countertop. Things are arranged neatly and beautifully inside, and all the objects are well crafted.
**Also, the shape above is very like the shapes in my paintings below.

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