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Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Fiendish Mexican Bug Retold

I told Osprey the story of the Fiendish Mexican Bug, but it fell flat, so here is the story for your pleasure or disgust.

Long ago in a far-off land, Nancy Elliott left for vacation in Monterrey, Mexico. When she returned she had gifts for her friends. My gift was a small carved horse (the dog above approximates the level of craft). I cherished my gift, painted pink, purple and red, and put it in a place of honor beside my computer monitor.

The next day there was a tiny pile of sawdust under the carved animal. I could not imagine where it had come from, as there did not appear to be a hole in the animal. However, the next day there was an even larger pile of sawdust. I hoped it was some sort of packing that was seeping out of the horse's belly, and tried to ignore it.

Finally, on the third day, when the pile was larger yet, I approached Nancy with the problem. "I think there is something inside that is drilling, drilling drilling," I said.

Not one to hesitate, Nancy said, "We will get to the bottom of this. Fetch me a glass of water!"

I brought the water back and she dunked the little carving into it. The color came off and into the pink water swam a little black bug, paddling for his very life.

"It's a Fiendish Mexican Bug!" Nancy shouted. "We have to kill it!"

We managed to end that bug's life there in the art department, but I wish I still had that little pink wooden horse. Between the drilling and the water, sadly, he was utterly ruined.


Osprey said...

art department? of what?

Enjah said...

1990s: I worked at a safety supply company in Wisconsin, in the art department. I did computer typesetting, and Nancy wrangled our computers.