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Friday, July 18, 2008

What Is This Body of Water?

You may see it as a water meadow, a scummy pond, a bayou, or a drainage ditch. These definitions are all correct, but no matter what you call it, or what I call it, it has its own truth, and that is not really known to us except superficially. It has its life, its mysteries, and its future.

OK I know this is a weird segue, but ... I have my beliefs, opinions, views, and I will vote the way I see fit in the coming presidential election in the USA. I believe it is a good thing we have a secret ballot, and I do not want to declare for one candidate or another because we all have a right to our views, and I do not want to argue with anyone about it.

I lead my life the way I believe a life is best led in my personal situation. You may or may not do the things I do, such as recycle, try to limit or eliminate poisons from my household, and many other things, but I am not interested in imposing my views upon you, and I certainly do not want your views and way of life imposed upon me.

In yoga class on Monday, one of the students was quite enthusiastic about one of the candidates, and when no one disagreed, the teacher asked if there was anyone for the other main candidate, and one woman courageously spoke up. She was a minority of one, in our group of ten. She is a very nice person, new in the class. Luckily, no one criticized her choice of candidates, but outside yoga class, she might receive some scornful remarks from the other side. It is a contentious election.

I said I was neutral and did not care who won. That is actually true, because I will continue to live in my own way no matter who is elected president. It is no one's business how I will vote, and I will do my best to keep my mouth shut about it.

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