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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Day One ....

The very first day I began using this computer, yesterday, the screen froze twice, necessitating the use of the Task Manager to unlock it. Then I attempted to back up my files, and that failed, giving me the error message the the request was aborted (0x800-404D3). I had not hovered over it watching it every second that time (I am tired of doing that while it performs every ordinary function, so I went to the kitchen [more fool I]). Then I tried again later, watching for 45 minutes while it claimed to be writing to the DVD, then watched the previously green bar turn bright red, at which time it gave me the message that the backup had failed due to an I/O device failure. This is a BRAND-NEW computer, speciallly built for gaming. How can ordinary functions be failing on DAY ONE?

Then this morning I booted up the computer and found the message above, which states that Windows Explorer stopped functioning and was shut down. I guess this happened while the computer was shutting down for the night.

Are these enough problems for the FIRST DAY? I am so discouraged I cannot even tell you.


Osprey said...

jF :(

robyn said...

get a mac...I love them.