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Saturday, June 14, 2008


I somehow come to own a magnificent estate in France. The current owner is leaving and I am looking around the house. I find a carpeted room with three dogs in it: a full-size collie, and two shetland sheepdogs, one of which is elderly. The carpet in that room is infested with black-and-white striped insects. I fly above the carpet to avoid having them crawl on my feet and legs. The insects trail after me over the carpet as I fly away.
As she leaves, the former owner tells me I will have all the staff there with me. I worry about paying them, but they assure me that the estate makes plenty of money to support us all.
Then I am told that the sister of the former owner will remain, as will the three dogs. I plan to have that carpeting removed. I am annoyed with the former owner.

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Osprey said...

Are the black-and-white insects riding unicycles? I had a weird dream last night in which I was at a dinner party and the hostess and other diner were Republicans. There was snow outside - the old, granulated kind, and I kept going out the french doors and getting snow and hitting the male diner with it.