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Friday, May 30, 2008

Spot That Gator

This cropped photo shows the head of the alligator better than the full photo, which I reduced to 500 pixels on the long edge, so it would upload into Blogger. The egret is staring down at the gator, which is to the left of that end of the stone dam (which was built, incidentally, to keep gators OUT!).

Here I have circled the gator's head. A wildlife expert told me last night that for every inch of the gator's snout, from eye to nose, there is a foot of body length, including tail. He recommended that we have this one removed from our holding pond. They will most likely put it back into Armand Bayou, but it already knows how to climb around the edge of this dam ===8O.

1 comment:

Ida said...

Maybe he will have a poor sense of direction and not be able to find his way back?