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Thursday, May 08, 2008

History's Mysteries

Disturbing questions sometimes arise about the history of the USA. Why did we buy African slaves (from Europeans and the British), then keep them enslaved and forcibly uneducated for hundreds of years? After World War II, why did we rebuild Germany and Japan and not Great Britain? That leads me quite effectively to another question, namely Who Really Won World War II?

In the 1980s, why did we let Haitians die on the beaches of Florida? In 2003, why did we invade Iraq when the World Trade Center had been attacked by Saudis and Moroccans?

Do people from other countries feel this shame over the actions of their governments and people? Some say we in the US held to higher standards, and that we have acted no more shamefully than other countries.

We are now massively in debt to China for our foolish recent wars, and who knows where this will lead in the future. Karma works for nations as well as for individuals.

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