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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Death, Friend to Life

Death is something we humans fear and loathe, and the worst thing most people can imagine is dying. That is a fallacy, of course, as we know rationally. There are many worse things. Physical suffering occurs while one is alive, and ends with death. Yet we persist in gigantic campaigns to wipe out death, and ask everyone around us to contribute to causes that prevent the deaths of those who are unable to help themselves. I am FOR these causes! Unnecessary suffering and death are anathema to humanity (leaving out the deliberate causing of these things which would take up more space than my blog permits). However, without death, we end up with unlimited numbers of a species, which then wreaks havoc on the environment.

Well, since we are working so hard to prevent death among humans, we must therefore control birth. Last night I saw a documentary on NOVA called "Strange Days on Planet Earth", which demonstrated how our small daily choices are affecting the planet. (BIG NEWS FLASH?)

Now that there are so many human beings, everything we do and do not do makes a huge impact on the planet. Forty years ago I belonged to what was then called ZPG. They advocated reducing reproduction. There are many many people who had an adverse reaction to this idea, from those seeing genocidal urges in it to those who believe we should have as many children as we can. Saddened, I became silent on that subject.

Population pressure is the root cause of many of the ills that are plaguing the planet, however. We can do it the easy way (contraception and abortion), or we can do it the hard way (famine, disease, pestilence and war), but the natural world cannot support this number of people. The base we take for granted is beginning to crumble.

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