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Friday, April 25, 2008

Petty Dispute

I went to the grocery store and parked next to a handicapped parking spot. When I came out, two extremely able-bodied young men were backed into the handicapped spot, cleaning out their trunk. Here is what I can recall of the exchange:

I: You don't look handicapped, either of you
Young Man 1: We are just cleaning out our car real quick
YM 2: I am waiting for my grandma
I: Well handicapped people need those spaces
YM 2: I am waiting for my grandma
I: I don't believe you for one minute
YM 1: What are you going to do, arrest us? (subtext: get lost you nosy old woman)
I: No, but I will report you since if you want to make such a deal out of this

YM 1: You made the deal out of it, speaking to us in the first place
I: It is not fair, or right

I went into the UPS store to ship something. When I came back out, their car was still there and they were gone. I reported them to the store manager and left.

My feelings were a mixture of:
  1. Being taken aback that they did not simply say "sorry" and then move their car once the trash was out
  2. Self-righteousness (not a useful emotion, but somewhat inevitable in the situation)
  3. Fear that they would do some sort of reprisal like key my car, which was right there next to theirs, or somehow track me down and do physical harm to me (unlikely)

Having had to use handicapped spaces with my parents and friends who truly needed them, I am sensitive to their use by people whose only handicap seems to be a missing heart.

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Osprey said...

A thoughtful post, Enj, good on you.