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Thursday, April 24, 2008

La Boheme

As all opera lovers know, but I did not, La Boheme is a dual love story set against the backdrop of the beginning of WWI. In the third act, the description is of the lovers meeting outside a cafe. In this production (I know nothing of other productions), the setting included a steam engine at the end of the line and a stack of wooden coffins, never referred to, but giving us signs of all the death that was occurring at that moment in time.
As always, Puccini pulls the heart out with exquisite precision and delicacy. What is it with him? Madama Butterfly (Aiiiiieeee), Tosca (double Aiiiiiieeee), always the love is tragic but each time in a different manner.
The cast:
Mimi - Ana Maria Martinez
Rodolfo - Garett Sorenson
Musetta - Albina Shagimuratova
Marcello - Joshua Hopkins
Their garret was a crooked box onstage, which did muffle the voices a tad, but gave great effect to the drama.


Osprey said...

Well, they change operas around and set them in whatever time they like, and add subtext of their own devising. I saw a Don Giovanni once in Australia that was set in 1930s North Africa.

Enjah said...

Ah I should have researched the opera before speaking on the backdrop ... turns out it was written well before the 1st World War ... eeek, my mistake!