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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Grasp the Mouse of Power!

I subscribe to a number of feeds, among which is Cabinet of Wonders, a wonderful compendium of essays on many different subjects. Today the post pointed to another post, titled Gin, Television, and Social Surplus, which is about how we are in the middle of a revolution away from passivity and into participation. The article includes a story about a young child looking for a mouse behind the television ... well, you will have to read it yourself to understand why, unless you intuitively grasp the reason already.

In the next room, while I am blogging, or involved in my Second Life, my husband sits and laughs on cue as his sitcoms play over him like water over stones in a stream. He needs this form of entertainment in order to recover from his brutal work days. I, on the other hand, need a participatory format to enjoy life fully, and that means blogging, researching information, reading other people's blogs, and as the avatar Enjah Mysterio, participating in "live" comedy routines in Second Life (aka The Show Must Go On).

I had an early childhood devoid of television (*gasp*), which was wonderfully active and imaginative. My later childhood included the tube and was fascinating. My sisters and I have seen all the horror movies from the early days, every Stooge short there is, Rocky and Bullwinkle (ah, the laughter still rings in my ears). Now, in my later years, I am a dedicated blogger, thanks to Osprey Therian, who was already doing all this sort of thing before I even knew there were blogs.

It is a participatory society once again, this time on a global level; we can communicate with people on the other side of the world, tell our stories, and hear the stories of others whom we may never meet in person. Information is whizzing back and forth across our blue marble at an unprecedented rate (listen to Beck, "Comin' to You a Thousand Beats per Minute"). It is a marvelous panoply of interwoven lives and thoughts. I applaud us all!


Osprey said...

Why "live" and not just live? I don't think it's any less live for being inside Second Life. After all, when you talk to a friend on the telephone you aren't "talking" to the person.

I don't see it as anythin more than a tool or medium or accoutrement :D If I am wearing gloves am I "touching" something? /me puts her hand inside the SL eye-hand.

Enjah said...

You may well be right. My question then is, if I have a video conference am I there in person? If I do a puppet show, is that live? Still, if it is not recorded, I guess it is live by definition. /me puts her eye inside her coin purse.

robyn said...

E, you are forever the questioner of questions. I admire your seeking the reality of now.

Osprey said...

Live television programs were vastly different than canned ones. I think every once in awhile a modern show attempts one live show and thinks they are very daring doing what old shows were forced to do by the then limits of technology.