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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Not AT&T?

Last Saturday near Palestine, Texas, frustrated with my unreliable wireless laptop connection, I visited this SHAM AT&T store. You can see by its sign why I might think it was AT&T. I purchased an Air Card, which I then plugged in, but found that it was just as unreliable as the wireless connection.

This is the process that followed:
  1. tried to return ... not open Sundays
  2. tried to return to local AT&T store ... no, they do not refund things they did not sell
  3. tried to have the credit card stop the payment ... no, the store provided the service they claimed to provide
  4. called the store and offered to overnight the equipment ... no, they said to return it in person so they could swipe my card ... and if I simply kept the equipment, they would send me a bill for a further $231
  5. gave up and drove up to Palestine (pronounced Palesteeen for those of you unfamiliar with the Texan mangling of our language)


Osprey said...

I guess TBone Burnett didn't get the "steen" proninciation memo.

Enjah said...

T Bone is a foreigner, having been born in St. Louis, Missouri ... growing up in Fort Worth (pronounced Fote Wuth), though, he shoulda known. By the way, Houston, Texas is pronounced You-stun, and Humble, Texas is Umble, (perhaps it was founded by Uriah Heap?).

Edward Manray said...

T Bone may have pronounced it PalestEYEne in order to communicate to non-Texans (aka furriners).