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Thursday, April 24, 2008

BonAmi the Still Surfaces

Lately I found that I could remove the stains from my "stainless" steel flatware using Bon Ami, which claims it "hasn't scratched yet". This brought back the memory of Miss Peck. She had her hair in a 40s style (in the 50s), wore knit suits and big plastic jewelry, and as you can see, those rhinestone pointy glasses that have come back into fashion. During a lecture to the class, she would fondle her jewelry in a manner that suggested she was more interested in stimulating her mammaries than she was in the baubles.

She was my 7th Grade Home Ec teacher (Cooking). In the school kitchen there was a place for everything, and we had to memorize the place for each thing. We made broiled grapefruit, cheese fudge, and had to "bonami the still surfaces" to keep them clean and polished. That meant polishing the stainless steel counters and sink with Bon Ami, but her accent was distinct from ours (ergo, to us, SHE had an accent!), so her pronunciation of the word steel rhymed with will.

She ran the kitchen like Caine ran his ship, and would have cheerfully flogged us (we were not terribly cooperative) if the school had allowed that.


Osprey said...

There was a great amount of beating that went on in schools when I was there - mostly boys being "paddled.*" In Canada we had raps on the hands with a ruler - I think it was on the knuckles for boys, on the open hand for girls. In the United States boys were beaten for being bad, which certainly had an effect on their behavior. I used to live with a man who had been beaten a lot, which, given the nature of the area so stressed, must've hurt a great deal.

I dunno - beating children is barbaric but having intractable children is counterproductive. As children we thought it was wrong for anyone but our own parents to beat us. Not that mine did, of course.
* a heavy wooden implement wielded by a, most likely, very angry and strong male teacher

robyn said...

I remember this. She taught me how to scrub. Move over cleaning ladies-Miss Peck has arrived. We would giggle and make fun of her but I enjoyed how her voice would click and slur and the famous "STILL" surfaces. She put in an effort to get her words out...
I thought Home Ec was for losers- little did I know cleaning would become one of the biggest challenges in my life.
Thank you for this stroll down memory -mine is cluttered-lane