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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The Macintosh Miracle

By the time 1988 rolled around, I got a job at a design studio in Houston, and they asked if I would mind being trained on the Mac. Of course I said yes, and it was a whole new world. I could SEE what I was doing! After eight years of having to picture my results, I was able to preview what I wanted to print out. Not only that .... the printer was a laser printer. No more photographic paper to develop! I had worked on many versions of typesetting computers by that time, and had become quite accustomed to "flying blind", but it was a relief to see again.
I had started all this as a graphic artist and pasteup person, a jill-of-all-graphic-trades, so this was back to the future! I reveled in it, and learned Quark XPress, Photoshop and Illustrator. How marvelous it was, to make complex visuals as well as to do typesetting without all the laborious parts. It rocked my world.

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