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Sunday, October 07, 2007


Today is the first anniversary of Steve's death, and I want to mark this day with celebration of his life.

Here, if you can't see in the small photo, he is wearing goofy fake teeth, and pointing at his set of 7 Scrabble letters, one W and 6 O's. He is wearing his beloved Houston Astros jersey.

This is from the Christmas before last, so 2005, after he had a long, terrible fever with Strep Throat (July 2005), 6 weeks of self-administered IV antibiotics, the first open-heart surgery to replace his mitral valve (September 2005), and the second replacement of the same valve (October 2005) because the first one failed.


Osprey said...

You are a dear friend and a wonderful artist. I can't believe you were holding me together yesterday when by rights you could've stayed offline completely. Hi, Steve! WOOOOOO indeed!

Poet said...

Thank you, Ellie, for your recap of Steve's last years. He was strong, courageous and changed in his humility and joy before he left us. As I said above, thank you.

Enjah said...

I was terribly saddened to hear my son and grandson called pejorative names last night. The reason I wanted the family to get together was for us to talk kindly about Steve and each other. I definitely hit a nerve, asking about school. I regret doing that and will certainly avoid the topic in the future. Some of us take longer than others to find ourselves. Let us TRY TO BE KIND, PLEASE.