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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Steve and Pat

Pat and Steve will forever be linked in my memories, of course, because they were only about 18 months apart in age. We won't go into the whole "two in cloth diapers" scene, but you can imagine.

Now they are also linked because Steve died the day after Pat's 40th birthday. Today is Pat's 41st, and tomorrow is the first anniversary of Steve's death.

I had a dream of Steve, in which I was at a family get-together, where we had cupcakes mounded with frosting. Steve was there, singing (something I don't recall him doing). I said, "I might have known if we had cupcakes, you would come back!" We laughed with joy.


botz said...


robyn said...

oh, ahhhhhh gawd. you got me crying and laughing at the same time. Steve looks so handsome in that snap. Nice chin...

Poet said...

Brothers forever...I can't believe it has been a year today. The gathering at the funeral home showed all of us how well regarded Steve was by friends, relatives and co-workers. I hope he is at peace now.
Love to all,