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Thursday, October 11, 2007

On the Road Again!

I spent the day with Patrick, helping him to get On the Road ... he now has a Valid License, A Truck with Valid License Plates, Good Tires, Inspection Sticker, and a Tank Full of Gasoline.

If this was not a gift from God .... I dunno what is. Patrick has been struggling for 9 months to get his driver's license reinstated, and has gone five times to try to get it at the DMV (locally named the DPS or Department of Public Safety), to no avail.

He is driving his brother Steve's 1971 Ford F-100, flat black, no rear bumper, which has a Lot of Stickers on it. Several for Number Twenty (Tony Stewart, of Stock Car Fame), and some for Harley-Davidson (Patrick's), and The United States Marines (Steve).

Ride On!!!!!

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