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Sunday, October 21, 2007

My Little Friend!

Yesterday I went out to Fry's electronics store, and purchased my very own external hard drive, seen here atop the CPU. Say hello to Maxtor 500G OneTouch4. He has two wires, one for power and one to plug into the SBU port. Do you see his glowing eye at the bottom? He must be related to Gort, Klatu's robot in The Day The Earth Stood Still. I hope he does not decide that the dog is a danger to galactic peace!

I did a backup of my documents, pictures, music and video yesterday. Today it did the automatic backup that I have scheduled, and (HOORAY, success at last!) it backed up only the new files and the ones that had been modified.

For a fairly modest cost I have eliminated a big problem. If and when my hard drive crashes, I can recover all my data!

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