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Tuesday, October 30, 2007


The other night I was talking with someone who said he felt he is an anarchist, since he distrusts governments of all kinds. I looked up the definition of anarchism, which said that an anarchist believes there should be no governments at all.

This brought me to thinking about socialism, communism, and capitalism, much more popular ISMs in our world today ... each of them is good in some ways and not so hot in others. Each one of these, and anarchism as well, would work just fine if the human beings involved were what we currently think of as "enlightened".

Socialism: Let those who are physically and mentally capable take care of those who are not. Of course!

Capitalism: Free trade without the underlying manipulation and greed? Why not?

Communism: From each according to his capabilities, to each according to his needs. Sure!

Anarchism: No need to govern those who are emotionally mature and capable of using their inner sense of ethics to govern themselves.

I think that there is some distance to go (laughs hideously). If each of us saw ourselves as part of One BEING, any system would work perfectly well. No need for politics or religion, because All =One, which means that the Mind of the Universe operates freely in all, and the compassion and strength of That Mind permeates all actions.

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