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Friday, October 12, 2007

ElleCoyote Recycling Awards

I just received some filters from Gaiam, a company that sells yoga equipment, organic cotton items, filters, and sustainable products.

The packing was innovative (well, I have never seen this type before); cardboard that had been run through some sort of shredder which made it quite malleable.

Coming in at second place was Horizon Milk, which seems to be going back to paper cartons and taking off the plastic pour spout. I am not sure they are doing this ... I got one without a spout, then at the grocery store I got one with a spout. Are they just confused? I am hoping they are eliminating the plastic, so I am giving them this award to encourage that sort of behavior.


Osprey said...

The local milk that comes in glass bottles tastes MUCH MUCH MUCH better than milk from plastic or cardboard. I can't buy it now (would just splat) and I don't shop in places that carry it, either, now, but I presume it's still available.

Enjah said...

I have not seen any milk in bottles for EONS ... but I do agree.

Osprey said...

It's actually shocking how different, say, a low or nonfat latte tastes when the milk is from glass.

Enjah said...

I looked at Whole Foods today to see if they had any milk in glass containers ... and the answer is, yes, there was one quart size glass bottle of full-fat milk. The rest (probably six or seven brands, in all levels of fat percentages and sizes) were in plastic or plasticized paper.