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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Aquarian Age Vision

The other day, someone said they could envision humanity living in small communities that are restricted. Unless you had something to offer the community you would not be allowed to live there.

I wondered at the time where the other people would live, and what happened to the children as the community grew.

But all that aside, this vision presupposed enormous earth changes that destroyed all our organizations. No gas, no electricity providers, no plastics, no air travel, and so on and so forth.

My vision of the future is very different from that, in the sense that I see all the earth changes bringing humanity together in larger and larger groups, in which we all realize that we are essentially alike in our needs and tendencies.

In the past, we had villages very much like the ones described above. They were tribal villages, and anyone not related to the tribe was an outsider, and was told to "move along", or in later times "get outa town, bub". I think this is an old way of living and that we are moving more and more to the realization that humanity is one very large being, and each of us is a cell of that being. As such, each of us has a responsibility to the larger being, and the larger being has a responsibility to each of us.

In an Aquarian view, all men and women are brothers and sisters, and no religion is the best or the only true religion. No ethnic group or gender is better than any other. No nation is better than any other, and in fact, I recall an Aquarian brother telling me that the borders are mental constructs, as they truly are, and they will become less and less meaningful as time moves on.

Right now, the remaining groups that still believe in the Piscean Age way of being are fighting one another for supremacy. Each group feels they "own" the resources and have the right to impose their vision of reality on those around them. Religion that consists of one person having a direct link to God and the membership having to go through that one person, or a select few people, is on its way out. It may never die out totally, but it is in the process of being overwhelmed by those who realize they are children of the living God, who lives inside them, and in Whom they live.

The organization of society for the good of its members is becoming more and more homogeneous. Some bemoan that, crying out for the old crafts, languages and philosophies. I believe that these old crafts, languages and philosophies are being woven into new areas of humanity. As we see all the beauty that was created by these isolated groups, we are inspired to incorporate these beauties into our modern ways. There is a synergistic effect happening, where electronic communications meet indigenous contributions, and the whole is enriched.

Earth changes are forcing us to take responsibility for the entire planet. If a problem appears locally, it has a worldwide effect, as we now know. The solutions may be global or local, depending upon the problem, but there is an absolute need to realize that what you and I do affects everyone on this planet.

All these realizations are showing us the Middle Way. The future will have its own problems ... as did the past ... but we are in the midst of one of the largest spiritual revolutions this planet has seen in many millenia.

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