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Friday, August 10, 2007

Ponderings on Osprey's Post on Karma

I read Osprey's post on Karma this morning, and it spawned a whole set of thoughts on that concept.

In particular, I also believe karma is based upon action, but some actions are very subtle ... thoughts can be actions, in my view. A stray thought or image about killing or having sex or how horrid someone is ... I don't believe those things have much impact outside ourselves. It is focusing on the thought, expanding it, imagining what it would be like, making it real and vivid in our minds. That generates karma, I think.

I guess to see a strong thought or image as having karmic repercussions, one must believe in telepathy, and I have experienced that function in animals, plants and humans too often to discount it.

Like everyone I have destructive thoughts. The trick is to move away from them and release them. The memories of what I felt was harm being done to me could generate fantasies of revenge, but I try to keep away from that and focus upon what will be positive for my future.

Obsession is the extreme result of persistent thought and imagery on a subject, but there are many degrees. Controlling our thoughts is one of the admonitions of The Wise. I try and fail, and try again. There is no other way to work with it but to keep trying.


Young Geoffrion said...

I agree with you, Enjah. Osprey's post prompted an over-long response from me! Poor dear, I am sure she now wishes she never opened the subject! Karma is closely tied to thoughts. Action springs from thought, nay the entire world is compassed within a thought and doth burst from it like a growing tree, for the world is what we think of it, and it changeth in concert with our mood, emotion and desire.

Young Geoffrion said...

And I am working on that dodecahedron... which will be in the form of five intersecting tetrahedrons. Yes, even solid geometry has its avatars.

botz said...

the most powerful, effective and compassionate way i've found to be released by stressful thoughts and beliefs is through The Work of byron katie...(i think it's a simplified version of NLP).
on her web site you can download worksheets for free to do the inquiry. its a profound way to clear away the stressful thoughts, find your true nature underneath and end the suffering.
"I let go of my concepts--I meet them with understanding, then they let go of me." byron katie