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Wednesday, July 18, 2007


The mailman gingerly left this package on the stoop and ran off, after ringing the doorbell three times. I opened it instantly and it fairly burst at me ... so many gifts, such naughty things ... you can't see them here, but the chopstick rests are very naughty. Ginseng soap, goddess pix, a gorgeous portrait of a woman who shall remain nameless, bookmarks reminiscent of a photo contest and some naughty postcards!!! Who could ask for more? Delightful birthday gift, thank you Osprey.


robyn said...

wow, she is one lovely friend. Joy of joys, all we can do in the end is laugh, am I wrong...giggle?
we love a good laugh.
she is a wonderful friend.

Osprey said...

I used to make fake photobooth strips years ago - so that format is not bookmark but fake photobooth strip and the movie one was the invitation I made for my RL movie night when we had several projectors and all kinds of weird old films. Oh course, I collected weird old 8mm and super8 movies - I even have a snakecharmer somewhere. Haven't looked at them in years (can't).
I was the same in RL as I am in SL except now just relegated to SL (lucky it's there!).