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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

My Views on Reincarnation

It is my considered and long-held belief that this particular lifetime is one of many I have experienced, and that many more are ahead of me.

I was thinking about astrology and the individual ... it is my view that in each lifetime we come into this physical world to experience people and events, but also to experience the world from a new perspective. As the life goes on, we learn and grow in a certain way. Once we have nothing more to learn from this set of energies and the place and time, we move on. We refer to that as death, and it is the death of this personality and body. We hate and fear death because we hate and fear change.

Stephen, my son, went through all the tests of his life and in my view, he did very well. He had a hard set of experiences to deal with, and was forced to see things I am sure he would not have seen if his situation had been easy and comfortable.

Now that his personality and body have dropped off of his soul, he is digesting all the lessons and on a higher level, of Soul, Higher Self, Guardian Angel, or however one labels it, he is planning what he needs next, to progress to enlightenment.

One lifetime is simply not long enough to learn everything we need to know, and to change from animal humanity to spiritual humanity, unless we are prepared and already nearly there. As we move from lifetime to lifetime, we move around the spectrum of human experience, poverty, wealth, slavery, freedom, intelligence, lack of same, practicality and spirituality, to name a few of the polarities we need to resolve and rise above.

I realize that reincarnation can neither be proved nor disproved. I don't care about proof. It does not matter, actually, if it is true or not! I, as this personality, really have only one lifetime to do with what I will, and I have no memories of the past to bind me, thank goodness. So it all comes down to doing my best in all areas of my life, no matter if there is another lifetime ahead or not.

Reincarnation, some say, is a false comfort. I say it is not comforting in the least. Knowing I will have to work through my problems now or later, actually, forces me to face them. No time like the present! I am here to master the physical plane, to work with this very slow moving substance, and to work with this body. Here and now is the only place and time I have to do that.


robyn said...

My dear sister, I am in total agreement with you. As a personality our lives spin around us, looking like a movie. We jump through hoops of pain, I learn to pray and ask for help. My guardian angle is there for me in dire circumstances.
As a child I prayed every night, on my knees. I begged for help. I think I have grown in so many ways in this lifetime. Sometimes Karma is my teacher, sometime Dharma is my path.
I am all about healing that which is not healed. So will I graduate into my next lifetime? Oh how I wish I could skip this earthly existence. It's so painful on this planet!
I dearly loved your son Steve, as I cherish your son Pat and daughter Laura. Who ever knows where life leads us?

botz said...

yes, beautifully worded, both of you. my orientation to spirituality is intertwined with the two of you, enjah and robyn, and i thank you with all my heart and soul.