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Monday, July 09, 2007

Amazing Trained Humans!

This is the poster for my new Vaudeville act, Madame Creme Caramel's Amazing Trained Humans!

In Second Life, I purchased the dog avatar outfit for Madame Creme Caramel. Then I made the red, blue and yellow avatars who are the trained humans. Osprey made their pedestals and helped me figure out how to make a tightrope illusion. I bought animations that were made by some wonderfully creative people in Second Life, and got some open source music (royalty-free), recorded my voice for the introduction, and voila! we have a new act!

I am still looking for someone to portray Red, but I think someone will be found.


Osprey said...

I love this act.

Enjah said...

By The Way, the red star was originally an Octobrist medal.