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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Woman Throws Up Small Dog

I put Chip back in the vet hospital yesterday, giving up the idea that I am capable of routing two active young dogs to keep them apart and keep one of them quiet for weeks. Chipster will be neutered on Wednesday, and kept there until the end of the month, at which time he should be fully healed from his various ills, and will be able to join our pack without restrictions like being tethered to me or shut in a crate/bathroom/bedroom.

I feel a little guilty about sentencing him to more time in the kennel of the animal hospital, but I could not take it any more. So there.


robyn said...

What was Mr. Chips doing? He will be different after his, ahem,...balls are off?
How is Bear reacting to the absence of Chip?

Mercury is retrograde till July 18th. I have resigned myself to difficulty...but sometimes it comes out of left field and surprises me. Ugh.

Enjah said...

Chip was yipping, squeaking and arfing while he was confined, which had to be for hours and hours every day. He was quiet at night when everyone went to bed, thank god, but it was tiring, trying to cage Bear, get Chip out, go outside with him and watch him, come back in, feed and water, back outside, playtime, back into cage, get Bear out and walk him for an hour, then entertain him (demanding fetch and tug of war games), and after a few hours, do it all over again, 4 -6 times per day. Chip mounted Bear over and over again, and licked (the naughty bits) and mounted every other dog he came in contact with. He is possibly going to board with the trainer after he comes out of the vet hospital.