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Sunday, June 10, 2007

A Rake's Progress

Turns out that old Chipster is Mr. Sex Machine. Our dog trainer says maybe he was used for breeding, and that is the only way he knows how to relate to another dog. It makes life complicated. Bear-ie wants to play, play play ("High Five! Both Hands!"), and Chipper wants to mount excitedly on any end of any dog of any gender, age or condition. So they have their own rooms, and come out to spend time with me (later today, US) in shifts.

Not only is Chip a Rake, he is thin as a rake too. He started coughing on Saturday, and the vet prescribed a steroid to keep his lungs from being congested. He seems to be feeling better today, kinda frisky (which I try to discourage); three more days of antibiotics, seven more days of dwindling prednisone, then another week and a half of forced quietude. Then ... tah-dah! He can go for walks and play, and mount every dog he meets (just kidding, I will try to keep him from doing that).


robyn said...

how do you deal with a dog that humps so much and I guess he does that even though he has nothing to deliver...wink wink nod nod...isn't he a sperm-less rake now?
Does Chip make eye contact and is he bonding with you? He will probably protect you- he's a lover and a fighter. Where Bear seems slow Chip is fast, is the true?
can we see them together in the same photo?
Is Bear bonded to you?
robyndogstar making a lot of dog talk.

Enjah said...

let me answer these questions in order:

1. Chip is not yet neutered. They want him to get over the heartworms and the heartworm treatment before they neuter him, so YES he could deliver baby chips off the ole block.

2. Chip now makes eye contact and is bonding. When I was in the laundry room he stood in the doorway facing out, so I assume he would protect me to the best of his 13-lb. abilities.

3. Bear is not at all slow ... both of them are quick, agile, and intelligent. Bear is much larger, so he is not quite as nimble. He (Bear, that is) was neutered as a puppy, so he has no sex drive whatsoever, and he is slow maturing, so he still loves to play, whereas Chip is Mature (as in, do Not let Children See this Dog in Action).

4. We can't let the dogs hang out together until July 1, when the heartworm treatment and subsequent enforced quiet for Chip ends, so no photo of Chip mounting Bear and Bear looking martyred ... anything else?

robyn said...

Wonderful laugh for the day. You are so funny.
So do you think Chip will behave in a gentlemanly manner after he's clipped? suppose time will tell.