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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Patient Doing Well, Thank You for the Cards and Flowers

Chip is now neutered and has had his teeth cleaned at the same time ... no one wants a bad boy with horrible teeth and big balls! Seriously, he came through it just fine, so far. He is being kept quiet (HAHAHA ... as if!) at the vet for the next week and a half.

Then he goes right to the trainer, Jason, to be made into a polite little dog. Better you than me, Jason. Without testosterone to fuel his desires, he will be more easily trained to relate to other dogs as friends and less as S.O.'s*

* Sexual Objects


robyn said...

I chuckled when I thought S.O. meant "significant others". So, when I say my SO- I have to make sure people don't think I'm thinking I'm saying...breath...sexual object. phew, that was a mouthful.

botz said...

hey enjah,

you look so beautiful with your silver hair and glasses (in the photo on this blog). i like this "new" look of yours.

baby b

robyn said...

Botz, why are you signing your name as baby b?

Enjah said...

This is my natural hair color, so now all I have to have done is get it cut ... oh thank god, finally someone convinced me to try it ... and it is pretty. It is a kind of white-blonde-sandy-dark-reddish mixture of some kind, which looks intentional and I guess this is the hair design of this stage of my life. The glasses are not new.

botz said...

your hair color and skin color fit well. i guess mother nature knows what she's doing.
i'm tempted to go totally white, stark white, nic-name will be "ghost girl". i'm bouncing on the swimming board, waiting for the right moment to spring!

robyn said...

hell no, I'm not ready for white. My roots are snow white. I see my hair as a white canvas that is begging for some color.
love this discussion.