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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Hello Mr. Chip!

In a radical change of plans, I brought Chip home today. The vet staff said he was very active in the kennel there, and there were lots of other animals around keeping him worked up. He and Bear tussled and tried to dominate one another (neither won, by the way); now Mr. Chips is in my painting studio, in a small crate. He is supposed to be resting, but I think it is hard for him. He has been keening sorrowfully. (My heart goes out to ya, Chipster, but you have to be quiet for now.)


Osprey said...

Looks good :D

robyn said...

Oh wow he's so cute. Like his energy. Is he a digger? your yard may suffer.
he's so cute, Bear may get jealous.

robyn said...

He does have a sad look in his eyes- what's his history?
where in the world has be been for the last two years?
How's Bear taking all this?
You've got two boys that are active. So is Chip vocalizing in the cage? Is that what you meant by keening?
how about a few Bach Remedies? Rescue for starters. He's lovely, I can see why you were smitten with him. Like with Rosie I would want to hold this little guy.

Ida said...

Awwww. Sounds like Maude imprisoned in her crate because she won't stop chasing cats. Don't Chip and Bear need a little sister?

Chip is super cute by the way! I bet he's a digger and likes to carry things around in his mouth. Gooooo terriers!