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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Hair I Am!

I really thought my hair being its natural color would make me look like a sheet with two blue dots in it ... but nooooo! I was thoroughly surprised and pleased to find that even with not one scrap of makeup, as in this photo, I look like a human being!

The first step was removing all that ... red ... which took three hours! Then they used toners and crap to give my hair some tinge of platinum. Well, I liked my hair platinum so much I kept it for a few months. At first I wore makeup to make my features show up, but then I forgot that one day and I looked fine anyway.

Then came the time to let it grow out. I was tired of sitting there with goop on my hair waiting, so I let it grow out. At the end, it was really hard to tell where my natural color started and the platinum ended. The back was darker, but that looked really great.

I thought my hair was going to be white, but it is this lovely blonde-ish color. Redheads tend to have sandy looking white hair.


botz said...

well, i don't feel like i have to hairy-up and do this but your looks are a real inspiration. the short cut really lets your face be seen, fresh and open. tomorrow i'll try the sandy with white stripes. then i'll be red, white & blue, just in time.
thanks enj...

robyn said...

The color shines. Your lips are a lovely pink. Yes it sure looks like the right decision.