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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Chipster

Chip is still under house arrest, and that is not to his liking. He decided to use his crate as a bathroom, so now he is really confined. A plastic travel crate with no liner!

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robyn said...

so he's given you his second charkara and now his first...he's down to existence. He's scared shitless. You had to go through so much with Bear till he understood you wanted him. Chip is testing you and the situation, remember you are the alpha he needs to succumb to you. Hey, we are all animals and the structure really exists.
I say you need to be the alpha for them to behave. He will understand that, and he will be there for you and protect you. He's a strong guy, you are a stronger gal. Oh ya wish we could all be equal but...not now gotta be the top of the dog pyramid. Assert your dominance. once you do they will do anything for you. Hey it's life on the planet. He will be conquered by your love. It's probably something new for him.
you can do this, Bear loves you and seems bonded.
okay am I being primordially silly?
I really think this is the order of things with dogs.