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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Bear Tonight

Bear was in a posing mood, as you can see. I will take a photo of Chip on Monday if I remember to bring my camera. Yay, Chip ... as you may already know, he has heartworms and has had to receive the arsenic treatments to kill them. His arsenic injections are finished. Now all he has to do is be a kennel potato for a month :((

He can't come home because Old Bearie will be too wild and get Chip running around like a madman in no time, so I visit Chip every day at the vet. So far I brought him a chew toy, a bed, a blanket, a stuffed squeaker toy, a Kong (which I stuffed with peanut butter flavor stuff and a liver snap). Oh and his own collar that matches Bear's


robyn said...

so when do we get to see the other guy?

Enjah said...

I plan to take his picture today when I visit. I am stressed out visiting my poor imprisoned Chip. I am not sure it does him (or me) any good at all. It seems frustrating to him to have to go back into the cage, and I hate that.