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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Secret

I confess I have not read THE SECRET, the book that millions are reading in hopes of having all their desires fulfilled. I think, from reviews and comments I have read, that The Secret describes visualization as a way of getting what you want. It takes skill to do this well, and knowledge of how the subconscious mind actually works.

I first tried this method 20-some years ago. I visualized a ring made with a cabochon-cut lapis set in silver. I could only picture the setting vaguely.

Along with the visualization, I stated to my subconscious mind:
"I have a beautiful lapis ring that I can easily afford, and it is the right size." I pictured it on my hand.

A few weeks later, after having visualized this ring morning and night, I was invited to attend a Gem Show. I was walking around when my eye was attracted by a huge bank of glittery, primary-colored rings. I was about 30 feet from the display, so I know, looking back, that I could not actually have seen the display in detail.

I walked over and gazed at the rings, hating them, but then saw that there was one very different ring there, that did not fit in at all. It was exactly the ring I had been visualizing! I asked the price, which was quite affordable for me, leaving just enough cash to buy myself a burrito and a soft drink. It fit perfectly, too.

The setting was vague, just silver sort of mashed into a semi-decorative order around a gorgeous lapis in cabochon cut. The very vagueness of the setting is what convinced me that this was indeed the ring I had visualized; someone had picked up on that suggestion and made it for me! My subconsious mind had arranged the "coincidence" of my finding it.

Later on in my visualization experiences, I found that sometimes I could not picture my desired outcome at all. I took this to mean that the Lord Of Life (or LOL, that is, Laugh Out Loud) did not intend me to have whatever I wanted in that particular visualization.

I also found that some things happened in my life that I had not visualized. I believe that some events in our lives are karmic. Plus, visualization is all very well, but the general shape of my life was to some extent determined. Place and date of birth, race, gender, birth order, parents, religion, schooling, all influenced my belief system, which of course, affects my visualizations.

Some of this belief system was negative thoughts about myself. Where these thought patterns come from varies, but getting them OUT of my brain was an important task. Success in visualization depends upon the overall theme of thoughts. Let's say I visualize, for example, that I will get a good job, a short commute from home, with good hours and a great salary... but during the day I think to myself that I can't possibly get that job because I am stupid, or unattractive, or whatever, those thoughts will override the visualization, especially if they are long-term habitual thought patterns.

So, how do I get those ugly thoughts out? By retraining ... which is surprisingly simple to do. I learned to listen to what I was saying to myself and counter the negative with positive statements about myself.

I am always trying to visualize and sometimes it works, and other times it does not. I always have to listen to my thoughts. The inner conversation tells me what I REALLY want. If I am saying I am a loser, that is what I WANT. If I say I am an attractive, intelligent, successful person, that is what I want, both consciously and subconsciously. This practice, listening to my thoughts, transformed my life for the better, and it is something I practice constantly. Negative self-talk can creep in ... vigilance, vigilance!

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Poet said...

Hi Elle,
Just read your piece on visualization ("Secret") and you made the process clear and because it is clear, it is helpful to me... as I have a lot of inborn confidence (unfortunately also have negative self talk) and I was told I was "too agressive". I will hope to use your method to clear my negative script. Thank you sister.