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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Mucoid Madness

I am coming out of a rotten cold. Nod got it first, but only by a day or maybe two, so I can't blame him. It must have sneaked into my mucus membranes because on vacation I ate WRONG WRONG WRONG (read DELICIOUS DELICIOUS DELICIOUS)! I was in a virtual coma until Sunday evening, uninterested in whether I would live or die.

I took a homeopathic preparation recommended by TWO sisters... Umcka. It is tolerable to take, and seems to make my colds' duration shorter.


Bear and I were planning to take a walk after 4PM, when the sun will not wither my delicate Irish skin and boil my delicate Irish brain. We went out on schedule at 4, and walked around a large-ish block, only to find it starting to thunder ... it did this yesterday, and poor Nod had to walk the beast much more. I looked out a bit later, and it was sunny. We tried again but it was still raining ... they have a saying here that sun + rain = devil beating his wife, the raindrops being her tears. But in this case it may have been Jerry Falwell being beaten by God for his behavior on earth.

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Osprey said...

No wonder Benjy was able to smite you on saturday. Don'y forget tomorrow's 6pm meeting - I have something to show you!

Wait, I mean SHOW YOU!11111!!!