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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Finding Myself at This Age?

Hello, my name is ... uh ... well ...

For whatever reason, I have spread myself so thinly that I am having to pull in my horns, so to speak.

I love these things:
husband and family
walking, playing with Bear
singing, playing the piano
painting, making things
creating and portraying odd characters in Second Life

All these activities will stay. However, in some categories, I have expanded out like a helium balloon ... I have more books than I want, and I had that delightful bike and some Landroller skates, but those are now gone. I have been making so many trips to Goodwill they know me by sight and I now have only twice as many cookbooks and cooking utensils as I use!

The same was true in the art category. I studied painting, photography and silk screen in art school. Then I painted for some years in acrylic on canvas. Then as I became discouraged with the idea of being a painting "factory" I stopped being motivated to paint. Loved ones seemed to be dropping like flies, which also took up my time. I cared for my parents and Steve as they suffered and died.

In the hope of restarting my interest in making art, I bought all sorts of new media, including oil pastels, pastels, a silk screen and inks for making handmade cards, an envelope maker, encaustic materials and book, pencils and sketching materials, colored pencils, alkyd paints (oil without the odor). I have given away all of these materials now, and I am back down to:

Colored Inks

That seems like enough, doesn't it?

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