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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Dogs

Happy Birthday to me! Today I took Bear in to the vet's office for a minor bump which we feared might be an embedded tick, but it was just a scab ... meanwhile, a Jack Russell terrier was being dropped off at the vet. I brought Bear over to him and they got along immediately. I asked what the dog was doing there, and they said, looking for a home. I said HMMM ... I may just take him! Long story short, he will be here tomorrow, at home with Bear and me. Photos will be posted as soon as I can get shots of him and of course, him with Bear. I am calling him "Baby" for now, but I am researching names.

He had been at a shelter for two weeks and was scheduled to be euthanized. I found this out after I had already decided to adopt him. He is being neutered and getting his teeth cleaned and tests and shots and so forth today. He will rest up tonight, and tomorrow ... kabango! he and Bear are brothers!


Osprey said...

I have a parcel that I will be mailing... uh... soon... uh... I HOPE! It doesn't have a lot in it, but it will contain a lot of love. You make SL fun and EVEN MORE - you add to RL in so many ways! I hope you are having a great day! Love, Os

Osprey said...

Let's be having it, then.

robyn said...

arf arf, will you adopt me? I can wag my tongue?!!
I'm really cute and like to eat. I will sleep at the foot of your bed and won't beg for table scraps, too much.
your little dogstar