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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Approaching the Great Evaluation

In the process of becoming more fully myself, I am discarding all the standard stretcher bars I own. Standard stretchers are much easier to frame with the frames available in framing shops. In the past I preferred heavy-duty stretchers, for two reasons:
1. They are unlikely to warp
2. They can be hung immediately with the addition of wire on the back.

I acquired all these standard stretchers at the behest of a horrid woman who owned a gallery. She insisted I should use standard size so that frames could be applied. I didn't even end up showing at her gallery because she and I could not get along at all ... so why follow her advice?

I was confused at first about which size stretchers to keep and which to discard. Then I started writing out my reasons for each type, and realized that under the principle of doing only that which I enjoy, I must keep the heavy-duty stretchers. Decision made.

Now I am almost ready for the Great Evaluation!
The Great Evaluation is the process whereby I look over all my finished and unfinished paintings, destroying those which are not to my liking or without potential, finishing those which do have potential, and recycling the stretcher bars of the ones I have destroyed.

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