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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Osprey Tortures Me

I heard of the film "Umberto D" from Osprey, and sent for it. Tonight I saw it and it was a terribly sad story of an old man and his little dog, desperate and destitute. I did not know I was going to see a story of a DOG (!!! SUCKER FOR DOGS !!!).

Thank God, the dog chooses life, not knowing he and the man are in dire straits, but otherwise it was unrelievedly despairing. It was one of those stories I say "start bad and get worse", and yet it was beautiful and moving.


Osprey said...

The Bicycle Thief is another film that goes beneath the surface to fully expose the viewer to a life. That is another amazing film. I think these days people substitute deliberate weirdness and over-the-top violence in an attempt to heighten viewer reactions but that just doesn't cut it for me.

Enjah said...

The little dog was a joy to watch, as much as I got to see him. I have seen the Bicycle Thief and thought it was sad but beautiful too.