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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Mole Rat Topiary Circus Robots

Taking Osprey's recommendation, I saw Fast, Cheap and Out of Control and found it to be delightful. It is a documentary (intercut with old movies) of interviews with four men obsessed with their life's work. One mole rat expert, a topiary gardener, a wild animal trainer, and a robot/AI designer.

Snippets to tease ya:

The naked mole rat dude wore a butterfly pattern bowtie with a plaid shirt and could have been played by Rick Moranis ... he built a naked mole rat environment for a zoo, then made one for his HOME =8-O.

The gardener promised his employer (?) he would take care of the Green Animals (his topiary trees) as long as he lived. He clips with hand shears because they are more accurate.

The wild animal trainer said he knows if the animals ever realized how weak a human being is, they would instantly kill him. It is just a matter of tricking them, performance after performance.

The robot man thinks one day robots may replace humans. He made round eyes thinking of that. They must have told him, "now just stare into the camera", because he did, and he looked totally bonkers.

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