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Monday, January 15, 2007

Refinement of the Drawing

Because I don't care if the drawing is accurate, I don't always use the grid. When it is this complex, it helps me. Now I have erased the grid and worked on the drawing, reinforcing the lines I want and erasing the other ones.

Also, I don't usually use charcoal for the drawing, but start right in, putting in a wash of color on the gesso, then painting the drawing on the first color. This is a departure from my habitual methods. It is part of a new start for me in painting, so I think it will help.

I took this photo a number of years ago at Fort Erie racetrack in Niagara Falls, Ontario. I have a whole stack of photos from that day, so I may do a series of Fort Erie paintings. We'll see.


Enjah said...

Ths process of posting the drawing as I go is helpful once again ... I see the horse's left foreleg is too wide and not nearly as defined as in the photo. I promise I will not stay up all night drawing, really ... I have to go to the dentist tomorrow morning anyway.

Vivian said...

Woo - I love the drawing - this is going to be fun for us bystanders to watch!