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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Jules Bastien-LePage

One day I was meandering in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, I turned a corner and there was Joan of Arc, life size, in this painting by Jules Bastien-LePage. I saw it again tonight in a show called Masterpieces from The Metropolitan Museum. THERE SHE WAS! Her eyes, a soft glowing blue, gazing into heavens we cannot perceive, her wretched clothing, the vision of herself in armor behind her ... all this glory, 8'4" high and 9'2" wide!!!! The reproduction is more brown than the painting, which has a lot of color. Thank you, Museum of Fine Arts Houston, for bringing this painting to visit us in Houston. I had thought of it all these years, never thinking I would see it again.


Ida said...

You know, I've seen his work in pictures only, and I guess I never looked at the dimensions underneath. Are they all that big? I bet that makes the depth and emotion that much more startling.

dotmaison said...

that girls is so upset it seem that she become so bore fromher life